John Stewart to broadcast 'Daily', 'Show's us his comic goods

Talk shows are getting downright confusing, and not just for Farrah Fawcett. Consider these musical chairs: In January, exiting Comedy Central Daily Show snark king Craig Kilborn will replace Tom Snyder on CBS’ Late Late Show — a seat for which comic Jon Stewart had been touted. Instead, Stewart announced Aug. 11 that he’ll take over for Kilborn on The Daily Show (Stewart’s annual salary, sources say, will be near $2 million). Taking a cue from a signature Daily Show segment, EW asked Stewart Five Questions.

Did you learn anything from your talk show The Jon Stewart Show?

Never name it after yourself. Maybe we’ll throw a ”with” in there. That seems to work. Like Late Show With David Letterman.

Why cable?

I value my anonymity.

Are you keeping the Five Questions?

I’m going to do the four questions from Passover Seder. Why is this show different from all other shows?

Do you have dream guests?

I’d like to see some political guests. Somebody like George Stephanopoulos. And hopefully he’s enough of a media whore that we can get him on.

What are you going to do with all the money?

I feel like I should give the lottery answer: ”I’m still gonna be a regular guy in the neighborhood.”