Fall Movie Preview 1998

STARRING Drew Barrymore, Luke Wilson, Catherine O’Hara, Jake Busey, Shelley Duvall

DIRECTED BY Dean Parisot

Barrymore stars as a down-home gal who falls for a young man and his stepfather. The young ‘un is played by Wilson — Barrymore’s offscreen mate, as well — and Busey plays his brother. The plot gets even thicker when their mother (O’Hara) finds out about the love triangle, and she begins planning her revenge — but oh so shrewdly. ”She’s careful about not using the words ‘Kill your stepfather,”’ jokes screenwriter Vince Gilligan, who’s also coexecutive producer of TV’s The X-Files. Gilligan penned the dark comedy a decade ago for an NYU film class and sold it to Warner Bros. in the early ’90s. But the project sat in development purgatory until Barrymore signed on. To make better use of its star, the story was reworked into more of a romance. Fortunately, finding chemistry between Barrymore and Wilson — who began dating just before filming — wasn’t a problem. ”Luke and Drew were desperately in love and trying to disguise it,” says Parisot. ”One day we were looking at dailies and went, ‘This is so obvious.”’ (Oct. 23)

THE LOWDOWN If all movies had Barrymore, were written by X-Files producers, and had price tags of $15 million, Hollywood would be a happier place.

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