August 21, 1998 at 04:00 AM EDT

STARRING Eddie Murphy, Jeff Goldblum, Kelly Preston, Robert Loggia

DIRECTED BY Stephen Herek

Home shopping has been called many things, but ”religious experience” is not one of them. That is, until a desperate TV-station manager (Goldblum) hires a mysterious misfit (Murphy) to hawk wares on air. When he does, the Good Buy Shopping Network witnesses a miraculous turnaround. Murphy himself has experienced some miraculous turnarounds lately, from flops and a sex scandal to becoming the summer’s leading family-movie star with Dr. Dolittle and Mulan. And while Holy Man (which he executive produced) also aims to capitalize on his big grin, the $60 million comedy has some loftier aspirations as well. ”There’s definitely a message in terms of getting in touch with your values and not getting caught up in a material world,” says director Herek (Mr. Holland’s Opus, 101 Dalmatians). Not that the film doesn’t make use of material goods. Watch for cameos by Morgan Fairchild, who hawks the ”instatuck” face-lift machine, and glue-gun peddler Soupy Sales. Gizmo fever was infectious. ”I went shopping in the props department,” says Preston, who plays Goldblum’s love interest. ”I got one of those apple-corer things, went home, made a pie, and never used it again.” (Oct. 9)

THE LOWDOWN Eddie + family comedy = no divine intervention needed here.

Kelly Preston
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