10 Stupid Questions for ... Boy George

Why have Culture Club re-formed for a new live album (the recently released VH1 Storytellers) and a soon-to-be-completed U.S. tour (with ’80s relics Human League and Howard Jones)? ”It’s a way of getting back with the band so we can make a new record,” says Boy George (ne George O’Dowd), 37. ”We won’t be doing this again. I have no interest in being Gerry and the Pacemakers.” Um … George, aren’t you just a little like Gerry and the Pacemakers? ”That’s a really foolish question,” he snorts. Hey, if you thought that was stupid …

1. Isn’t it about time you became Man George?

Actually, I’ve become Bloke George within the band. I suppose it’s the stage before being Man George. God knows when that will happen. I’d have to grow a beard and wear corduroy.

2. George of the Jungle or Curious George?

Curious George. I don’t like men with long hair. I think a man should be a man.

3. George Clooney or George Jefferson?

Oh, George Clooney. He has short hair! He’s a babe. I don’t know if he’s that great an actor, though. I saw him in that terrible film The Peacemaker. I call it The Pacemaker. It was one of the worst things I’ve ever seen. Very insulting to Yugoslavians.

4. Are you more of a Beastie Boy or a Backstreet Boy?

A Beastie Boy. They’re a really incredibly good band. The Backstreet Boys are too preened for me. They spend too long in the bathroom.

5. How long do you spend in the bathroom?

Twice as long as the Backstreet Boys. But I have a better look.

6. What was the last thing that really made you cry?

A movie called Ma Vie en Rose. It’s about a little boy who wants to be a girl. I wept all the way through that.

7. There aren’t really many stories on the Storytellers album. Got a good story?

One night in Hong Kong I hit Jon [Moss, Culture Club’s drummer] on the head with a very large Coca-Cola bottle. We were having a row in the hotel room. I thought I’d killed him. We had to call an ambulance. It was over some stupid comment. He didn’t call me sir or something.

8. If you started a real culture club, who would be too uncultured to join?

Courtney Love. It’s okay to be rude if you’re funny, but when you’re rude and you’re not funny then you’re disqualified. I met her in New York at this party after the MTV awards, and she just jumped on me like she was my best friend. I’d never met her before in my life. She was like, ”Oh, my gawd, Boy George, I laave you.” We chatted for about 10 minutes, and then she looked at me like a mad person and said, ”Would you mind? I was in the middle of a conversation with my friend.” So I wouldn’t invite her.

9. Would you consider being the new fifth Spice Girl?

No, the Spice Girls are awful. I hate them. They’ve just got nothing to say. Girl Power. Yeah, and … what the f— is Girl Power? F— the Spice Girls.

10. What’s the hardest thing about being Boy George?

Sarcastic bastards like you.