Three little words sum up Hollywood’s strategy for Fall 1998: more, more, more. With 144 films heading to theaters over the next four months, that MovieFone guy should be as hoarse as Harvey Fierstein by the time Christmas rolls around. Particularly trendy this season: star-powered romances (Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan, Val Kilmer and Mira Sorvino), female pairings (Sandra Bullock and Nicole Kidman, Julia Roberts and Susan Sarandon), and page-turners (A Civil Action with John Travolta, Beloved with Oprah Winfrey). Filmgoers who prefer more gore than gush are also in luck, with horror hotter than ever (although Bride of Chucky sounds like it offers a bit of both). And while there aren’t many dinosaurs rampaging through the multiplexes (except in one really big IMAX movie), there’s plenty of action (ranging from Enemy of the State, Will Smith’s first acting gig post-MiB, to Terrence Malick’s WWII spectacle, The Thin Red Line). Even insect lovers have something to celebrate, with two competing animated bug flicks buzzing onto screens. Turn the page to find out … more.