Show me the monkey: 30 years after the original’s release, here’s the PLANET OF THE APES COLLECTORS EDITION (1998, Fox, G and PG, five volumes, $54.98), with all five Apes flicks in wide-screen plus a making-of feature … THE PENTAGON WARS (1998, HBO, R, $71.99) is based on true tales of military-spending folly, but star Kelsey Grammer plays it for broad satire … Scarcely gross but engrossing, the documentary RAT (1997, New River Media/Vanguard, unrated, $19.98) explores the relationship between human and rodentian New Yorkers … Aeon Flux, heir to Ripley, Spider-Woman, and Barbarella, slinks through a cyberpunk dystopia in the 13 animated episodes and shorts on MTV’s excellent COMPLETE AEON FLUX (1998, Sony Music, unrated, three volumes, $34.98).