WEBSITE//JEEEM’S CINEPAD ( What do you do when Microsoft closes down the project you’ve slaved over for years? If you’re Jim Emerson, former editor of the recently canned Cinemania website, you set up your own movie site, full of info, opinion, humor … and revenge. The CinePad is modeled on Emerson’s Seattle house: Click over to the bathroom and you’ll be treated to a witty dissertation on movie plumbing, from Psycho to A Nightmare on Elm Street. In the kitchen you’ll find the Dada martini recipe favored by Luis Bunuel. Then there are the porn-style warnings you have to click through to get to the plot-spoilers section (spoiler No. 2: ”Soylent Green is people”). Emerson gets his digs in against Bill Gates and company, but when all’s said and done, he’s a movie fan, and a smart one. And anyone who loves Richard Linklater’s Dazed and Confused gets a bookmark in my browser. A


Excess Promo of the Week

Duke Nukem: Time to Grill BBQ Kit

Plugging the September release of the latest in the Duke Nukem shoot-’em-up game series, the promo package contained enough Duke-branded swag for a tailgate party: Thermo Nuclear Briquets, Atomic Hot Sauce, Alien Repelent (sic). What, no flame gun?