I Love You, I Love You Not

Seeming, in the wake of Good Will Hunting, like calculated attempts to keep the coming-of-age set coming back, each of these Miramax flicks stars a heartthrob from TV’s cult hit My So-Called Life and features young literary protagonists who experience halfhearted suicide attempts and public fainting spells. In I Love You, Danes is Daisy, a bookish Jewish girl struggling against her overbearing parents, the stares of parochial-school classmates, and a crush on a WASPy BMOC (Law), while reliving concentration-camp horrors courtesy of her best friend and grandma (Moreau). Marred by dialogue that makes Daisy seem more precious than deep, I Love You suffers by comparison with the likably genuine Fling. Among its many charms is Frankie (Leto, still affecting the Jordan Catalano smolder), a confused, girl-shy Irish lad whose focus on earning his independence, high scores on his exams, and the affections of a local Protestant girl gets diverted by the ardent Catholicism of his mum and the slings and arrows of outrageous family in the Year of Our Elvis, 1977. MSL fans will want to view both, if not for the all-star Gnat Pack supporting casts, then for Leto’s bare-arse shots in Fling and Danes’ mirror make-out session in I Love You. I Love You: C Fling: B+

I Love You, I Love You Not
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