This scattershot satire about faking a war to distract from a presidential sex scandal has been blessed with good luck: It beat Primary Colors into theaters and was on screens as the Monica Lewinsky scandal broke. Now, on DVD, it comes loaded with extras — something an intelligent if flawed film like Wag can benefit from more than most. It has a useful audio commentary by director Barry Levinson and Hoffman, a thoughtfully written (though marred by typos) essay on politics and the media, William H. Macy speaking passionately about his old friend David Mamet (a coscreenwriter), and a documentary that ranges far afield of the film’s principals for comments from Tom Brokaw, D.A. Pennebaker, and Dee Dee Myers. New Line even had the good grace to reference infinitely better classics like The Big Carnival and A Face in the Crowd. The movie: C The extras: B

Wag the Dog
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