”Monica Lewinsky’s lawyers told her she would get off scot-free, and she asked, ‘Who’s Scott Free?”’ — BILL MAHER on Politically Incorrect

”Accused Capitol gunman Russell Weston Jr. is a paranoid, disgruntled loner obsessed with the government and who often lived in a cabin in Montana. Police say this makes him worse than a murderer … He’s a cliché.” — CRAIG KILBORN on The Daily Show

”Linda Tripp held a press conference to voice her complaints about the jokes being made about her on late-night TV shows. I just wanna say this: Ted Koppel, I hope you’re proud of yourself.” — JAY LENO on The Tonight Show

”We didn’t watch it together, but I watched Midnight Cowboy, so I don’t think there’s much he can say to me.” — ANGELINA JOLIE, discussing father Jon Voight’s reaction to her nude scenes in HBO’s Gia, on The Late Late Show With Tom Snyder

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