Inside the premiere parties for 'Snake Eyes' and 'Ever After'

It was ”once upon a time” time for celebs at the July 29 fete for Ever After, Twentieth Century Fox’s Cinderella update. Guests, including stars Drew Barrymore and Dougray Scott, and well-wishers Adam Sandler and Salma Hayek, found themselves greeted by costumed doormen and a shower of rose petals at L.A.’s Garden of Eden restaurant. No one enjoyed the setting more than Barrymore: ”My smile is so scary and large that I have to put my hand over my face so people can’t see my crazy grin.” But all good things must end. Sighed Ever director Andy Tennant, ”At midnight my limo turns into a pumpkin.”

The next night it was less gamboling and more gambling, at the gala for Brian De Palma’s Snake Eyes. Still, one of the stars felt it was all a little make-believe. ”When I came on [the screen], I had to close my eyes,” said Carla Gugino, who joined costars Nicolas Cage and Gary Sinise at the outdoor casino on the Paramount lot. ”It’s just strange to see yourself.” Some guests, like paramours Courteney Cox and David Arquette, hit the dance floor, while others, like Saving Private Ryan‘s Barry Pepper, tried their luck at the tables. But the big winner was Cage, who counts Snake as his third film set in a betting venue (this time Atlantic City). As he noted, ”It’s just a strange, bizarre fluke.”

— Tricia Laine, with additional reporting by Jessica Shaw

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