This week on the music beat

HEADTHUMPER We read a lot of news stories here at EW, but this one was a little more eye-popping than usual. Online music site Allstar recently published publicist Ellen Zoe Golden’s grisly account of injuries sustained by Chumbawamba vocalist Alice Nutter at the group’s July 21 concert in Turin, Italy: Nutter ”had been beaten over the head at a riot in the parking lot of the venue … She was treated at a hospital in Turin, and upon returning to the [tour] bus she felt overwhelmed with adrenaline and fell out of her bunk, splitting the side of her face. Returning to the hospital, it was discovered that she had two facial compound fractures along with nerve damage. She returned to her hotel room, where she sneezed and the blood vessels around her eyes burst and pushed her eye out. Luckily, she caught it and pushed it back in.” Yuck! Golden now says Nutter’s troubles might have been less gory than first reported. ”The eye popped out a bit,” she says, ”but it wasn’t in her hand … it just bulged out.” Nutter is recovering at home in Leeds while the band completes its European dates.

A HARRY SITUATION The reunited Blondie — vocalist Deborah Harry, guitarist Chris Stein, keyboardist James Destry, and drummer Clem Burke — are finishing work on No Exit, their first new album in 16 years, but if two former band mates have their way, it may never see the light of day. Bassist Nigel Harrison and guitarist Frank Infante, who joined Blondie in 1977 and played on such albums as Parallel Lines, have been left out of reunion plans and are suing the group in an attempt to scuttle the tour and February ’99 album release. The duo say they own a percentage of Blondie and share rights to the group’s name. They’re also seeking damages based on what they claim are past financial improprieties. A rep for the reconstituted Blondie says they’re not overly concerned: ”The band and their attorneys feel that there’s no basis for any of these claims.” Of course, what really matters is how a judge feels. Until then, you can bet both sides will be hanging by the telephone waiting for a decision.