This week's TV ratings

That’s incredible! Fox’s latest reality series, Guinness World Records: Primetime (4th) — featuring footage of a 300-pound tumor! — made a top five debut. Another of the net’s ventures, relocating Sunday hit King of the Hill to Tuesday, didn’t fare quite so well: The sitcom dropped from 42nd last week to 63rd in its new 8 p.m. spot. CBS’ tattered newsmag Public Eye With Bryant Gumbel (23rd) made a rare top 25 appearance, while the Melissa Joan Hart-hosted clip-fest, America’s Teenagers: Growing Up on TV (67th), failed to develop into a ratings success. In the Sunday-movie matchup, CBS’ women in the West flick Buffalo Girls (15th) bested ABC’s Alyssa Milano drama The Surrogate (28th) and NBC’s 747 thriller Pandora’s Clock (32nd).