Music CDs connect with the web

Tired of shelling out big bucks for the latest multimedia gadget? Here’s a new one that actually might’ve been sitting in your CD collection for years. If you own Ben Folds Five’s latest album, Miles Davis’ Kind of Blue, Ozzy Osbourne’s Blizzard of Oz, or Yo-Yo Ma’s Inspired by Bach, you’re already equipped to check out Sony’s new ConnecteD website, at http://www.sonymusic. com/thelab/ConnecteD (you also need the Shockwave plug-in and an easy-to-download CD Control xtra). When one of those four albums is in your CD-ROM drive, ConnecteD interacts with the disc: Listening to Ben Folds’ album, for example, you can click on any lyric and the CD jumps to that spot in the song. You can also watch animation synched to the sound, hear Folds discuss his songs, even play Pong using Folds’ head as a paddle. ”The more the Internet becomes acceptable to the mainstream, the more you will have applications that tie in the traditional, like CDs, with the Internet,” says Fred Ehrlich, Sony’s head of new technology. Early next year Sony will expand ConnecteD with more albums. Some suggestions: Radiohead’s OK Computer, Garbage’s Version 2.0, and Master P’s I Got the Hook-Up.