Magic, Music, and Mirth

Vegas by night isn’t limited to the stuff reviewed here, of course. In short runs and one-nighters, all the following are due soon: At Caesars (800-445-4544), David Copperfield tricks from Sept. 18 to Oct. 14; you can also catch (among others) Natalie Cole (Oct. 22-25), Drew Carey (Nov. 20-22), and Clint Black (Dec. 10-13) … The lineup at the Hard Rock (702-226-4650) includes matchbox 20 with lead singer Rob Thomas (Sept. 4-5), Tori Amos (Sept. 24), and Bonnie Raitt (Sept. 25) … The MGM Grand (800-929-1111) has James Taylor (Aug. 18) and Janet Jackson (Aug. 29) … The Desert Inn (702-733-4566) features funny folks like Ray Romano (Aug. 22-23), Dennis Miller (Sept. 9-12; Nov. 5-7), Dana Carvey (Sept. 24-27), Don Rickles (Oct. 9-11), and Rita Rudner (Oct. 29-Nov. 1).