The 25 Greatest Actors Of The '90s

By EW Staff
Updated August 07, 1998 at 04:00 AM EDT

“The same reckless curiosity which has led him to court destruction has also elevated him to the highest level of creation.” — DIRECTOR JAMES TOBACK

His highly publicized addictions should classify him as a lousy risk, the kind not even worth a small bet—until you consider his often astounding talent (as in Chaplin, for which he scored an Oscar nod) and virtuoso range (like singing arias on command in Toback’s Two Girls and a Guy). Is it any wonder that Downey, 33, specializes spectacularly in romantic misfits and compulsive heroes?

DON’T MISS: Soapdish (1991), Chaplin (1992), Two Girls and a Guy (1998)

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