WHERE HAVE YOU SEEN HIM BEFORE? Considering that this scruffy 29-year-old New Yorker is the Kevin Bacon of the indie world, you’ve probably seen him everywhere. If you like slightly shady, misunderstood misfits, check out Corrigan’s performances in Walking and Talking, Living in Oblivion, and Trees Lounge. ”I’m usually the guy on the other side of the law,” Corrigan says. ”Romantic leading men, that’s not interesting to me.”

WHAT’S HE UP TO NOW? He’s further embracing the fringe as a delinquent-turned-political canvasser in Henry Fool and as Vincent Gallo’s slow-witted friend in Buffalo 66. But proving he’s not without a sense of humor, Corrigan also parodies his indie image in commercials for the Independent Film Channel (along with Parker Posey and Lili Taylor).

WHAT’S NEXT? He’s exhaling life into a stoner in this month’s Slums of Beverly Hills, and he’ll play ’60s activist Jerry Rubin in Abbie!, also starring Vincent D’Onofrio and Janeane Garofalo. ”I’ve been watching all these tapes of [Rubin] because I never played an actual person before,” he says. ”And I’m pretty quiet, so I’ve been hanging out with a lot of outspoken people.”