This week on the music beat

GO, MANILOW, GO Is Barry Manilow the Rodney Dangerfield of pop? The faded schlockmeister has never gotten much respect from hip circles, but the compilers of the Can’t Hardly Wait soundtrack recently dealt him a major diss by leaving two songs in the film (”Mandy” and ”Ready to Take a Chance Again”) off the album. Wait codirector/co-screenwriter Harry Elfont says Manilow’s music was so central to his vision he changed the name of Wait star Jennifer Love Hewitt’s character to Amanda ”because we knew ‘Mandy’ would play a part in the movie.” So how come the album — now No. 44 on Billboard’s pop chart — features rap and rock by the likes of Busta Rhymes and Smash Mouth, but not one note from Manilow? Elfont claims the label, Elektra, was ”afraid” to include the MOR king on the youth-oriented disc: ”They didn’t want kids to run away when they saw [Manilow’s]name.” Both Elektra and Manilow declined to comment. — Tom Sinclair, with reporting by Jessica Shaw

KORN ROW Life is most certainly not peachy on Korn’s Family Values tour. Two of the alt-metal fest’s biggest acts, Korn and Rob Zombie, are banging heads in a heated public feud. In a strongly worded statement, Korn recently announced Zombie’s expulsion from the tour, saying he lacked ”community spirit,” misrepresented the fact that he’d be playing solo rather than with White Zombie, and was reluctant to appear with hip-hop acts. Zombie claims he’s mystified by the wrath of Korn (”It’s the press release from The Twilight Zone,” he says), denying Korn’s charges and insisting he quit. ”I’ve never even met Korn or the other acts,” Zombie says. Sources close to the bands suggest that the artists themselves might be less involved than their behind-the-scenes representatives. ”These things never come from arguments between bands,” admits Zombie manager Andy Gould. ”It’s always decisions made by management.” — Rob Brunner, with reporting by Steven Mirkin