Bridget Fonda, Jackie Brown (Movie - 1997)

That faint sloshing you hear is the sound of one of America?s most audacious and talented auteurs treading water. Granted, the man deserves a measure of credit for not playing it safe and making Pulp Fiction II: Sadistic Boogaloo, and it?s refreshing to see an obnoxious Young Turk like Tarantino tackle a story of middle-aged platonic love between a stewardess/drug courier (Grier, adequate in a role that required more) and a world-weary bail bondsman (Forster, magnificent). But in spite of its restraint?dare I say maturity??much of Jackie Brown feels uninspired, merely proficient; it?s very evidently the work of a man who had no idea what to do next, but knew the time had come to do something. Let?s leave the Elmore Leonard adaptations to the folks who can?t write.

Jackie Brown (Movie - 1997)
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