Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman, Julia Roberts and Richard Gere, and other famous costars reunite for the second (and third) time

Hollywood knows: it takes two, baby. Disaster flicks will come and go, giant lizards may rule for a day, but when it comes to hot commodities, a good pairing will always be in fashion. (Think Tracy and Hepburn.) With that in mind, it’s no wonder that a slew of tried-and-true cinematic couples are planning to reunite for encores. “It can be a very wise move,” says Paul Dergarabedian, president of the box office tracking company Exhibitor Relations. “You generate instant interest. It’s like a rock group getting back together. Everybody’s psyched for it.” Among the couples that you’ve definitely seen somewhere before:

OLD FLAMES Diane Keaton and Warren Beatty PREVIOUS COUPLING 1981’s Reds CRITICS SAID “He’s too polite…[but] what [Beatty] does supply is the crucial sexual chemistry with Keaton.” NEXT DATE New Line’s comedy Town & Country, due in late ’99. They play a well-heeled couple whose perfect life suddenly spirals out of control. HEAT INDEX Tepid. With 61-year-old Beatty and 52-year-old Keaton in the leads, Country could be like watching Leo and Kate’s parents get it on. But then, director Peter Chelsom did give some sex appeal to another aging Beatty—Ned, in 1991’s Hear My Song.

OLD FLAMES Julia Roberts and Rupert Everett PREVIOUS COUPLING Last year’s My Best Friend’s Wedding. (All right, so he was gay. They still had chemistry.) CRITICS SAID Wedding‘s end offered “a new take on ‘happily ever after.'” NEXT DATE Disney’s romantic comedy Martha and Arthur. In the early stages, the script has the stars playing a married couple who have it all—except the husband’s gay. HEAT INDEX Unseasonably hot. The perfect couple + no sex = dynamic tension.

OLD FLAMES Natasha Richardson and Liam Neeson PREVIOUS COUPLING 1994’s Nell CRITICS SAID Neeson and Richardson “generate palpable warmth.” NEXT DATE The duo is considering Asylum, a drama about the wife of an insane-asylum doctor who begins an affair with an artist convicted of murdering his wife. HEAT INDEX Hot but hazy. With backwoods wholesomeness out of the way, this real-life husband-and-wife team could ignite.

OLD FLAMES Julia Roberts and Richard Gere PREVIOUS COUPLING 1990’s Pretty Woman CRITICS SAID Roberts is “a knockout…[Gere] manages to be dapper, amusing…the perfect foil.” NEXT DATE The pair will reportedly reunite for Paramount’s comedy Runaway Bride. Gere plays a writer who falls for Roberts, a woman who’s jilted several men at the altar. HEAT INDEX Tropical. Audiences loved the fairy-tale spin the two put on prostitution. Just think what they can do for fear of commitment.

OLD FLAMES Nicole Kidman and Tom Cruise PREVIOUS COUPLINGS 1990’s Days of Thunder, 1992’s Far and Away CRITICS SAID In Far, “Cruise tries Clark Gable on for size…. Kidman has a go at Barbara Stanwyck.” NEXT DATE Warner’s forever-in-production thriller Eyes Wide Shut, due, uh, when director Stanley Kubrick says it is. The real-life married couple play psychiatrists who dive into a kinky underworld. HEAT INDEX Blistering. At this point, just a release date would turn us on.