WEBSITES//THE MASK OF ZORRO (; [PI]( If you want to see the current state of the art in movie-studio websites — arch and plug-in heavy — go to the Zorro site, where you’ll find two mind-bogglingly rich 3-D virtual worlds (one exploratory, the other duel oriented) in addition to the usual PR puff. If, however, you prefer your flackery with meat, surf on over to the impressively maddening site for [Pi], the Sundance sensation now in theatrical release. Created by Sean Gullette, who stars in the film as a mentally shaky mathematics whiz trying to divine the connections between pi, the stock market, and the kabbalah, the [Pi] page comes on like a techno club for art dweebs, assaulting you with imagery, rhythms, and a truly strange assortment of links (everything from a chaos-theory primer to, appropriately, the National Headache Foundation). Both sites: A

The Mask of Zorro
  • Movie
  • 137 minutes