Tori Amos, Cameron Diaz and director Richard Donner

“I don’t see myself as a sex symbol…. Obviously, I’m aware of the issues I talk about, one of the main ones being women claiming their sexuality and spirituality. That’s always my quest: How do you find that balance—kinda like ‘How can I be a sacred being and a hot p—y?’… I see myself as a librarian in high heels, and I’m becoming more comfortable with that.” —Singer TORI AMOS on E! Online

“[Boyfriend Matt Dillon] had to wear these fake teeth, which looked like the world’s worst cap job, and he’d kid around between scenes, like, ‘Come here, baby. Give me a kiss.’ I was like, ‘Please just stay away from me.’ But the weird thing is, even with the teeth and the mustache and the extra weight and the ugly clothes, I still found him incredibly sexy. I really had to work to pretend he was unsavory to me.”—There’s Something About Mary‘s CAMERON DIAZ on E! Online

“The film is almost a year of your life’s work, the studio trusted you with a lot of money, and the actors and crew are depending on it being good. It’s your ego on the line, and you want it to be a success. I get out of town before a film opens, and I carry three pairs of pants with me.”—Lethal Weapon 4 director RICHARD DONNER on ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY ONLINE