Plus Erica Jong's authoress daughter and the rest of the inside scoop on the book world

FAST LEARNER Nineteen-year-old Molly Jong-Fast, daughter of Erica Jong and sci-fi novelist Jonathan Fast (and granddaughter of Spartacus author Howard Fast), has sold her first novel to Villard for a low-six-figure sum on the basis of just two chapters and an outline. “My mother said to me, ‘Write what you know,'” says Jong-Fast, a transfer student at New York University, and apparently she has: The tentatively titled Girl is about an “overprivileged young woman in a famous family.” Look for it in spring 2000, when Jong-Fast will be barely legal.

BACK IN FASHION A decade after they established literary reputations by chronicling glitz, materialism, and urban ennui, both Jay McInerney and Bret Easton Ellis have turned to… chronicling glitz, materialism, and urban ennui. The New York fashion world will be the backdrop for both McInerney’s Model Behavior (coming from Knopf in September) and Ellis’ Glamorama (due from Knopf in January). “It seems essentially to me a coincidence that doesn’t have any significance,” insists Gary Fisketjon, the editor for both authors, who also share an agent—and a friendship. Speaking of significance, McInerney may have burned at least one runway with this particular fiction. Model’s hero is a celebrity journalist who deplores the “high-sheen magazines” for which he toils. Brings to mind that Julia Roberts interview he did a few years ago for the rag-trade glossy Harper’s Bazaar.

Alexandra Jacobs and Matthew Flamm