Believe it or not, "There's Something About Mary" left a few unsavory jokes on the cutting room floor

Bodily fluids, a man-eating zipper—is there anything that the Farrelly brothers weren’t willing to put in There’s Something About Mary? Yes, and here’s a sampling of what you won’t see and, er, hear:

MATT THE RIPPER Although Norm the pizza guy alludes to an audible fart, Matt Dillon’s first-date flatulence isn’t actually heard in the movie. “We cut that joke from the script because it seemed too Dumb and Dumber,” says Peter Farrelly. “We have high standards, you know.”

SCOOBY SNACKS In a subplot that was trimmed out of Mary because of time constraints, Sully (Jeffrey Tambor) went on a bender and left his pets, a Great Dane and an 18-foot snake, to fend for themselves. Somewhere on the cutting-room floor, there’s a scene in which Dillon sees the bulging reptile and thinks it swallowed the Great Dane…until the dog comes around the corner. The bulge turns out to be…gulp…Sully.

BREAST REDUCTION “They had me plucking a hair out of my nipple with tweezers,” says Lin Shaye, who plays Magda, Diaz’s nosy neighbor with the George Hamilton tan and sagging breasts. (Incidentally, they’re prosthetic.) Other stupid booby tricks you’ll miss: Magda scratching and blow-drying the underside of her fake ta-tas. “We decided less was more,” says Bob Farrelly. “The breasts were ugly enough that just a flash of them got a big fat ‘Eww!’ Anything longer would have been too gross.” And that’s saying a lot.—With additional reporting by Dave Karger

There's Something About Mary
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