Will college mean the end of Hanson?

Beatles fans blamed Yoko Ono when the Fab Four broke up. Hanson fans may end up pointing the finger at higher ed, according to EW magazine. “I’m preparing for college,” says brother Isaac, 17, who along with siblings Taylor, 15, and Zachary, 12, is currently home-schooled by his parents. “That’s something I’m definitely looking forward to.” Does this mean the pop trio is an MMMBop away from being history? “I haven’t given a whole lot of thought to the logistics yet,” says Isaac, who has no particular university in mind. “Music is something we’ve always wanted to do. But our parents have always stressed the value of a good education.” If he does take a break, however, it’ll be only temporary: “I wouldn’t be going to college to get another career. What better job is there than what we’re doing now?”