Seinfeld's favorite food gets its own theme park

Tired of theme parks that get soggy in milk? Then come to Kellogg’s Cereal City USA, a new eight-acre attraction in Battle Creek, Mich., dedicated entirely to Jerry Seinfeld‘s favorite food. Open since June 1, the park’s educational pavilions (see how cornflakes are made!) are already attracting about 2,000 fans of wholesome goodness each day. EW asked City spokeswoman Kathy Krenger to give us the snap, crackle, and pop on the crunchy metropolis.

What’s the most popular attraction? An area called Famous Flakes. You get your face put on a box of cornflakes for a small fee ($16.95). We’ve already had to buy more equipment to do it faster.

Has Seinfeld visited? He hasn’t, but boy—we’ve asked. We sent him a letter. I haven’t heard anything official back yet.

Can you buy the Variety Pak at the gift shop? Actually, no. We don’t really sell a lot of cereal.

What’s the “Digestive Fun House”? It’s a digestive tunnel [kids] walk through to get to our health and nutrition area. It features buttons that have silly sound effects—nothing offensive.

Does the tour discuss Dr. John Harvey Kellogg’s famed passion for enemas? Not specifically. It’s too hard to explain to kids.