"Buffalo 66" filmmaker Vincent Gallo

Diplomacy, thy name is…well, it’s not Vincent Gallo. In fact, the 36-year-old auteur behind the indie sensation Buffalo 66 has become a fixture in gossip pages lately for his uncensored take on Hollywood. Loose cannon or misunderstood maverick? You decide.

EW: You phoned some critics who didn’t like your film and harassed them. That might come back to bite you on the ass….

VINCENT GALLO: I may engage in conflict and I may be severe and unforgiving and vindictive, but I try to transform those things into productive activities. I’ve acted in 18 movies. [For Buffalo 66] I wrote, directed, produced, starred, scored the music, designed pretty much all the clothes, the shoes, the hair, the posters, the trailer. I did 21 one-man shows with my paintings in major galleries. I’ve done four albums. For [the New York Post‘s Thelma Adams] to refer to me as a “model” because I did some [Calvin Klein] TV commercials, and to use modeling metaphors to describe her experience with my film, then what was Orson Welles when he did Perrier commercials? What was Muhammad Ali when he did d-Con roach spray commercials? She took the low road, not me.

EW: Yeah, but some might say you hit her back on the low road.

VG: All I have in return is a public voice, and I can say anything back that I want. I have to suffer the 20, 30 chicks a year who get to bad-mouth me all over town. When I go on the Letterman show one day, why can’t I mention their names and their miserable lovemaking or their backstabbing?

EW: You’ve also been a bit of a bomb thrower toward other actors, like Leonardo DiCaprio [whom Gallo called ”a good-looking girl”].

VG: Wait, I wrote a parody piece for the esoteric magazine Grand Royal. In context, the quote about Leonardo is funny and superficial and harmless. Leonardo is a talented actor. I was taking a humorous shot at someone who has it all.

EW: Do you worry that there may be repercussions from your candor?

VG: There already have been, and there always will be. I’m being myself, which is more than honest. In 20 years would you rather be known as a radical, or do you want to have Tim Roth’s career?

EW: What was the last movie you saw?

VG: I saw that Lucio Fulci film The Beyond. He’s a genius.

EW: Do you have any interest in seeing Dr. Dolittle or Godzilla instead of Italian zombie movies?

VG: No. I usually get to see those things on the airplane. So if I paid $8.50 to see Godzilla and then it was free on the airplane, it would really hurt me. I don’t blame studios for making crappy films, I blame people for paying to see them. I blame all the girls in the world for making all the lamest actors in the world movie stars.

EW: Christina Ricci told me that her Buffalo 66 character, Layla, was your fantasy girl and that you psychologically seduced her into being in the film.

VG: That’s not true. I wanted to be in a film with her for eight years…. I didn’t respond to her in any sexual way. I just got very excited every time I saw her in a new film. I saw her horrifying movies—Casper, everything. When I got to meet her for the film, I felt she was probably too young and I was too old. Secretly, I was meeting her just to meet her.

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