The heartthrob finally settles on follow-up to "Titanic"

What a long, strange trip it’s been. Ending months of speculation, Leonardo DiCaprio has finally found his next role. The fickle—remember the American Psycho drama?—23-year-old has settled on The Beach, based on a 1997 novel about a drifter who tries to follow a fellow traveler’s map to paradise. Here’s a look at numbers tallied during the Leo sweepstakes.

—Number of films he’s been rumored to star in since Titanic: 9*

—Number of those that were to be produced by his dad, George DiCaprio: 2

—Number to be done by Spike Lee: 1 (Summer of Sam)

—Number of roles that went to Matt Damon instead: 1 (All the Pretty Horses)

—Amount DiCaprio received for Titanic: $2.5 million

—Amount he was reportedly offered for American Psycho: $21 million

—Number of movies Kate Winslet has been mentioned to star in since Titanic: 1* (Holy Smoke)

*According to Variety and Hollywood Reporter

The Beach
  • Movie
  • 119 minutes