Meet the "Small Soldiers" veteran actor

WHERE HAVE YOU SEEN HIM BEFORE? The craggy-voiced veteran has appeared in some of the most recognizable sci-fi fare of the ’80s, including Gremlins, The Terminator, and Innerspace. Die-hard B-movie fans, however, will better remember the 69-year-old actor as a staple of Roger Corman pictures like A Bucket of Blood and The Little Shop of Horrors. But with more than 150 films spanning 43 years, it’s hard to imagine anyone who hasn’t seen Miller before.

WHAT’S HE UP TO NOW? Playing a trucker whose payload of action figures wage war on suburbia in Small Soldiers, the 11th film he’s made with director Joe Dante. “You’re more relaxed if you work with a director you’ve worked with before,” says Miller. “You have the confidence that they like your work, and it shows in your performance.”

WHAT’S NEXT? He says he has some things “cooking,” but nothing’s solid. “I hope that Small Soldiers will stir up a little action. People will remember I’m still around and call me in.”