The best Internet sound bites from the week of July 24, 1998

“It’s hard for me to date, anyway. There was a time when I wondered ‘Why am I getting more attention from women than I had before?’…Then my friends said, ‘Uh, it might have something to do with the fact that you’re in the movies.’… I was like, ‘What do you mean? It’s not me? [It’s] not my charming self?'” —Armageddon‘s BEN AFFLECK on E! Online

”I didn’t like the [Oliver] Stone movie [The Doors]…. The movie made Jim out to be a jerk, a slightly crazy drunk…. Jim was artistic, poetic, sensitive, and had a great sense of humor…. Let me tell you this about Oliver Stone: He loved Jim Morrison’s black leather pants and the way they clung to Jim’s thighs, and the way Jim’s concho belt hung on his hipbones.” —The Doors’ RAY MANZAREK on Microsoft Network’s Books and Reading Forum

”If I had done the nudity in A movies, it’d be fine. Anything goes. Yeah, it’s hurt me in a way where I went through a period where I didn’t respect myself, but I’ve grown and now I choose what I do based upon the strength of the script and the character and really nothing else. So, I’ve cut the nudity down.” —SlidersKARI WUHRER on Real Hollywood Online

“I’ve been given huge offers to write all sorts of books that would sell millions of copies…. I could be writing self-help books, or memoirs about my spiritual pilgrimages to tops of mountains, and I don’t do it. Iwrite about my life specifically. My goal is that I’ll be making honest films, other Indian filmmakers will be making good films, and then we’ll teach non-Indian filmmakers something about Indians so that they’ll start creating complicated Indian characters. My goal is that an Indian actor never has to wear a loincloth again in a film. Except maybe underneath his jeans.” —Writer SHERMAN ALEXIE (Smoke Signals) on entertainment weekly online