Plus "The Real World" and Kerri Strug

COME TOGETHER “Here’s another clue for you all,” the Beatles sang on “Glass Onion,” “the walrus was Jim Carrey.” Okay, that’s not exactly how it went, but on an upcoming Beatles tribute album from the group’s producer, George Martin, Carrey really is the walrus, half-goofing his way through a rendition of “I Am the Walrus.” “We needed somebody who could get [his] tongue around the lyrics, which are difficult to sing, and also someone who’s really crazy,” says Martin, explaining how Carrey came to do the song. The album—titled In My Life, to be released in the U.S. in October—marks Martin’s retirement from record production. In keeping with his lesser-known work as a comedy producer, the record features such unlikely performers as Goldie Hawn (crooning a vampy version of “A Hard Day’s Night”), Sean Connery (solemnly reciting “In My Life”), and Robin Williams (spazzing his way with Bobby McFerrin through “Come Together”), as well as familiar music names like Phil Collins and Celine Dion. Though Martin, 72, says he’s “too close” to the surviving Beatles to ask their opinion of the album, one former moptop did offer some friendly criticism. Recalls Martin, “Paul made a comment that he thought I had an awful lot of Lennon songs on it.”—Rob Brunner

‘REAL’ GONE On July 7, reality bit fans of MTV’s The Real World. When viewers tuned in to see the latest episode of the Seattle saga, they found the network’s new documentary series Ultra Sound instead. The problem: A technical glitch in the automated system at MTV’s operation center on Long Island accidentally aired the wrong show. “The phones were ringing off the hook,” says MTV Viewer Service’s Emily Allen, who helped field more than 2,000 calls and E-mails from bummed-out soap nuts. “One guy said his Wednesday car pool always talks about The Real World, and he was like, ‘What are we going to talk about?'” MTV did air the lost episode the next week, and the snafu turned out to have an upside for the music channel: Ultra Sound got its highest ratings ever.—Kristen Baldwin

ETC. What does a gold medal earn you these days? For pixie gymnast Kerri Strug, 20, a job at Entertainment Tonight. But on this gig she’s doing a different kind of floor exercise: cataloging and screening tapes three days a week as one of the show’s summer interns. “She’s interested in a career in broadcasting,” says exec producer Linda Bell Blue, “and she’s a big fan of ET.” Maybe next summer they can get Bruce Jenner.