Alana Davis sings for the boys of summer on the H.O.R.D.E. tour

You might call Alana Davis the un-Lilith singer-songwriter. That’s because the 23-year-old New Yorker is “the only full-time girl,” as she puts it, on this summer’s testosterone-friendly H.O.R.D.E. tour, which kicked off its 43-concert schedule July 9 in Somerset, Wisconsin. True, Paula Cole appears on selected dates. But aside from Davis, all the festival’s everyday headliners are men, including Blues Traveler, Barenaked Ladies, and Ben Harper.

Being the only woman has its perks. Designer Tommy Hilfiger is outfitting Davis for the cross-country trek, and the singer, who broke her foot eight weeks ago, says there’s no shortage of guys to offer sympathy. “John Popper of Blues Traveler saw me limping everywhere and gave me his extra cane,” Davis tells EW Online. “It was too tall for me, so he chopped it down to my size.”

Despite an appearance on “The Tonight Show” and a flurry of critical praise for the subtle folk/jazz/funk of her debut album, “Blame It On Me” (Elektra), Davis remains one of H.O.R.D.E.’s new faces. “The prime tickets are pretty expensive, and most fans who lay down that money are laying it down for the big name acts,” she says. “That means my crowds are buying the cheaper tickets way back on the lawn. When I finish a song I can hear them out there, but I can’t make out their faces.” As for the crowd she can see, Davis is still somewhat mystified: “I look around and see all these people in tie-dyes. I see all these Birkenstocks and toe rings. People are looking like there’s a revolution going on, but is there?”