Sarah McLachlan, From Lilith to Lilith Fair

From Lilith to Lilith Fair

Canadian columnist Buffy Childerhose claims to have chronicled 1997?s Lilith Fair, the two-year-old womyn?s concert, with ?a tsunami of cynicism and a moat of critical distance,? but she ended up penning an ode to founder Sarah McLachlan and her Fair-maiden friends. Childerhose also tosses in 16 demi-profiles of some of the world?s first feminists (from Hildegarde of Bingen to Sojourner Truth) in order to educate and inspire all of the future Liliths out there. Despite the bizarre attempt to merge pop culture with ancient history, From Lilith to Lilith Fair reads more like a souvenir concert program with uninspiring photos than a serious work of journalism.

From Lilith to Lilith Fair
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