Anthony Hopkins would come back to life for "Zorro 2"

With “The Mask of Zorro” topping the box office this weekend ($22.7 million), many fans will want “Z” to stand for “zequel.” But if the movie’s director were to make a follow-up, he wouldn’t let the death of the critically lauded Anthony Hopkins’ character undermine a good franchise. “I’d bring him back,” says director Martin Campbell of Hopkins, who plays the elder Zorro who trains Antonio Banderas to inherit the mask. “I’ve actually thought of a way I could elegantly do that.” Campbell refused to give his secret away but says he used the same plot device in a British TV series he once directed.

Perhaps the director could take a cue from 1994’s “City Slickers II,” which brought back the Academy Award-winning Jack Palance by casting him as the twin brother of his dead character from the first installment. Or maybe Campbell should, instead, take a cue from the critical and box office failure of “City Slickers II” and not make a sequel at all.

The Mask of Zorro
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