Pamela Lee -- who'll be back saving lives in "V.I.P." -- talks about life after "Baywatch" and that infamous videotape

When it comes to alternative TV, there’s no guiltier pleasure than Pamela Anderson Lee. The 31-year-old ex-Baywatch babe returns to TV this fall in V.I.P., a syndicated action comedy about a girl next door (if the Playboy mansion happens to be next door) who becomes head of a Beverly Hills bodyguard agency. ”It’s Charlie’s Angels meets Pretty Woman meets Jackie Chan,” she says. ”Someone’s always being saved by someone in a bathing suit or lingerie.” She called EW from the V.I.P. set for a revealing Q&A.

Let’s cut to the chase…. Ummm, what exactly do you do as V.I.P.‘s ”executive producer”?

I’m involved in all the casting on the show. I approve the script. I deal with the studio on publicity and merchandising issues. And I do the perks—you have to make sure to get a bunch of free stuff for the cast and crew. I’m like, ”I think we need jackets.” The [studio] is like, ”You’ve only been shooting for two weeks.”

What are your favorite offbeat TV shows?

I’m watching a lot of PBS lately. Sesame Street never goes out of style. That is the best show on television. I have to admit I’ve seen a few South Parks. And I watch a lot of BET. I just love the music—I’m more into that than MTV.

Now that you’ve left Baywatch behind, tell us a dirty set secret—like, were some of the guys stuffing their trunks?

No, but there was one guy who actually drew in his abs with body makeup! I thought that was hysterical! It wasn’t David Hasselhoff, just so you know.

You versus Yasmine Bleeth in a fight-to-the-death match?

I’d win because I’d be wearing stiletto heels and she’d be wearing Gucci loafers. We used to always bug each other about that: She’d go, ”Oh, now those are sensible beach shoes,” and I’d go, ”I wouldn’t be caught dead in those.” [Laughs] No, I love Yasmine—but I’d kick her ass.

If you could be a piece of candy, which would it be and why?

Milk chocolate. That’s my favorite…. No, I take that back. I’d be one of those soft caramels. That’s me.

Were you surprised that your not-so-secret video with Tommy Lee became the alterna-TV of last year?

I’m just horrified. I don’t know why I bother to put on clothes when I go out anymore…. But what can you do? Life goes on. And I know the people that stole the tape and the people that are putting out the tape will pay in the end, if it’s karma or if it’s jail.

What’s the most ridiculous thing you’ve ever been asked?

The last interview I did, I couldn’t believe some of the questions this guy was asking me: ”So, now that you’re a mother, I guess you’re not a sexy person anymore. Do you have any sexuality at all?” And I was like, ”You know, I think this interview’s over. You can grab a croissant on the way out.”