Labor Pains

“I sold insurance door to door…. I sold ladies’ shoes, another fun job…. I sold men’s suits, drew caricatures in a mall, cut tobacco for a long time…. Working on a movie seven days a week? Pffft, nothing! Cut tobacco for a while in the middle of August: That’s a job.”—Out of Sight‘s GEORGE CLOONEY on E! Online

“I think families are sort of an unnatural state. Like if you’re born, just because you’re related to these people, you’re supposed to like them. I like [only] three of my six family members.”—The Opposite of Sex‘s CHRISTINA RICCI on RoughCut Online

“The media is completely out of control. There are no restrictions on what you can say…and people seem to believe it…. I just accept it as one of the uncomfortable things of life, like mosquitoes and bad weather and the thought of nuclear holocaust.”—Armageddon‘s BRUCE WILLIS on E! Online

“When I first heard about [Clinton and Lewinsky], I thought, ‘Oh, my goodness, the President is doing it with that little skater….’ It was a very big ‘ski’ week: Lipinski, Lewinsky, Kaczynski. Please forgive me. And I hope they were having sex in the White House because the thought of them working together on problems of national security is far more frightening.” —Comedian-author KATE CLINTON on