Daniel Day-Lewis, The Boxer

The Boxer

It?s amazing what a bunch of really fine actors with Irish accents can do with a middling script. Director and cowriter Jim Sheridan, whose previous collaborations with Day-Lewis — “My Left Foot” and “In the Name of the Father” — brought both men acclaim and awards, here settles into gratifying but shallow melodrama. The star plays a once-promising pugilist who returns to his squalid Belfast neighborhood after 14 years in prison, only to find the local IRA faction splitting apart with the promise of peace. The scenes with his once and future sweetie, played by Breaking the Waves? Watson, are lovely, but we?ve seen a lot of the supporting characters before?the alky fight manager, the troubled but redeemable kid, the bigoted villain. Scrape away the art-house allure and, for better and for worse, this is “Rocky VI: The Troubles.”

The Boxer
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