Plus other new videos from Tori Amos and Garbage

“HOME” Sean Lennon Back in the ’70s stone age, listening to music on headphones seemed the ultimate trip. Director Spike Jonze endorses that notion. The moment Lennon clamps on a pair of speakers, his world brilliantly mutates. Suddenly, he’s walking horizontally, his image shrinks and flips, the street turns liquid, and fish come popping from his ears. Lennon views it all with slack-jawed awe, capturing both the meditative wonder of the lyrics and the video’s function as a stoner’s dream come true. A

“PUSH IT” Garbage Marilyn Manson isn’t the only sicko able to make an engagingly demented clip. Director Andrea Giacobbe pushes the limits with Garbage’s latest. He gives us toe sucking in a graveyard, Village of the Damned-style kids, nearly nude women with mutilated chests, drag-queen nuns with crucifix guns, and Shirley Manson licking her own mirror image. If Sprockets host Dieter, from Saturday Night Live, directed a clip, it might look like this: pretentious and proud of it. B

“SPARK” Tori Amos Amos assumes the role she was born to play: victim. Blindfolded, with her hands tied behind her back, and left in a forest to rot, she writhes and stumbles hopelessly. The dank cinematography has nightmare resonance, but the singer only winds up seeming self-righteous, and the result makes the music sound like a self-indulgent whine. C

“FLAGPOLE SITTA” Harvey Danger Pop stars often cast themselves as glam outcasts, made alien by their unapproachable cool. But how many risk casting themselves as genuine rejects, marginalized by their inescapable nerdiness? You could say Harvey Danger had no choice. With their pudgy and bespectacled lead singer, they’re the least sexy group now out. But their video valiantly leans on that fact, picturing them trudging through a host of hip clubs, ignored. Slam dancers, ravers, and young sophisticates alike snub them, leaving the group to play for a trained monkey. It’s a rare moment of honesty in music video—a world normally defined by glossy deceit. A