Plus Macaulay Culkin, Sylvester Stallone, and more celebrities making news the week of July 10, 1998

WEDDINGS Macaulay Culkin, 17, tied the knot with his fiancee, Diary of Anne Frank actress Rachel Miner, also 17, June 21, in Washington, Conn. The couple crimped rumors that Miner is pregnant by issuing a statement saying they “have no immediate plans for a family.” … Hustler publisher Larry Flynt, 55, married his former nurse Elizabeth Barrios, 38, June 20, at the porn king’s mansion in the Hollywood Hills. It’s Flynt’s fifth marriage, Barrios’ first.

BIRTHS It’s a return to Pop Land for Sylvester Stallone, 51. He and his wife, model Jennifer Flavin, 28, welcomed their second child, 7-pound 6-ounce Sistine Rose, June 27, in L.A. The couple’s daughter Sophia Rose is 22 months. In a statement, Stallone called Sistine’s birth “a great day for the family.”

SPLITS No divorce papers have been filed, but Demi Moore, 35, and Bruce Willis, 43, pronounced their nearly 11-year marriage kaput. The timing of the announcement, June 24, raised an eyebrow or two in Hollywood, since it came a week before the opening of Willis’ action thriller Armageddon (see story on page 12). But Moore’s spokeswoman, Pat Kingsley, said the news was made public because “a number of publications were going to press with the story.” Custody of the couple’s three daughters—Rumer, 9, Scout, 7, and Tallulah, 4—has not been decided.

DEALS It’s more Must She TV at NBC, as Katie Couric, 41, and Jane Pauley, 47, will continue to rule the morning and evening roosts, respectively. Last week, Today show cohost Couric signed a multiyear contract, reportedly valued at $7 million annually (salary plus stock options), or triple her current reported $2 million paycheck. Pauley, meanwhile, inked a new deal the same week worth an estimated $5.5 million annually for at least five years. It comes on the heels of the network’s decision to expand the highly rated Dateline NBC, which Pauley coanchors, from four nights a week to five.

LAWSUITS Leonardo DiCaprio, 23, settled an invasion of privacy suit filed in March against Playgirl, June 29, for an undisclosed sum. DiCaprio’s suit alleged that the magazine was planning to publish unauthorized nude photos of him. DiCaprio’s lawyer Lynda Goldman says it was “an amicable settlement.”

RECOVERING Wu-Tang Clan member Big Baby Jesus, formerly Ol’ Dirty Bastard, from gunshot wounds, June 30, in Brooklyn. According to police, the rapper, whose real name is Russell Jones, was shot in the arm and back after being robbed of his jewelry while at his home in the Brownsville section of Brooklyn. He was reportedly in stable condition. Police have no suspects…. Former Beatle George Harrison, 54, from throat cancer. Harrison disclosed June 28 that he had a lump in his neck removed last summer. “I got it purely from smoking,” Harrison has said…. Actor Carroll O’Connor, 73, from surgery June 19 to clear a clogged carotid artery, discovered after a routine physical checkup.

DEATHS Actress Maureen O’Sullivan, 87, of undisclosed causes, June 23, in Scottsdale, Ariz. O’Sullivan was the best known, and least dressed, Jane to Johnny Weissmuller’s Tarzan in the jungle films of the 1930s. She also appeared in 1935’s Anna Karenina and 1940’s Pride and Prejudice. Her last role was as the mother of real-life daughter Mia Farrow in Woody Allen’s 1986 comedy Hannah and Her Sisters…. Former Los Angeles Dodgers exec Al Campanis, 82, of coronary artery disease, June 21, in Fullerton, Calif. Despite a long tenure in the Dodgers’ front office, Campanis sparked the most attention—and ended his career—with several racist remarks made on Nightline in 1987, most notoriously that black people lacked “some of the necessities” to be major-league managers…. Author Carlos Castaneda, 72, of liver cancer, April 27, in L.A. Since Castaneda was media shy and reclusive, his attorney reportedly felt no need to disclose news of the death until June 19. Castaneda’s 10 books, which explored mystical and psychological methods of knowledge gleaned through the writer’s apprenticeship with a Yaqui Indian shaman, were international best-sellers and are widely credited with popularizing New Age sensibilities. “Castaneda departed this world in full awareness,” says a spokeswoman.

Kipp Cheng, Will Lee, and Judith I. Brennan