Readers respond to "The X-Files," "American Psycho" and Phil Hartman

By EW Staff
July 10, 1998 at 04:00 AM EDT

Mail: ‘X-Files”

So much for the truth…. Readers took exception to Gillian Anderson’s glammed-up look on the last X-Files issue (#436, June 12). “It’s nice to see that since she’s quit the Spice Girls, Ginger Spice has had time to pose for your cover with David Duchovny,” teases Scott J. Leclau of Syracuse, N.Y. “Ick. She looks like she just gave six pints of blood,” says Jeffrey M. Glover of San Francisco. Others seemed to think that it was Duchovny who sucked. “So Mr. Duchovny would ‘rather be involved in a franchise movie series than do the goddamn TV show every week’?” asks Christy Cothron of Palatka, Fla. “He appears to be one of the most self-centered, ungrateful people I have ever had the pleasure of watching on TV or reading about in a magazine.” Uhh, note to David Duchovny: The views expressed on this page do not necessarily reflect the opinions of the editors of this magazine.


Not only have I been waiting for the X-Files movie for months, I’ve also been eagerly awaiting your cover story on the film. I practically leapt off my front porch when I saw the cover of Gillian Anderson and David Duchovny. What a stunning photo. You haven’t disappointed.

X-Files case number #X-EW436. Mysterious phenomena surrounding the latest issue of EW. According to the photo on the cover, it appears that Gillian Anderson has completed her metamorphosis into Sarah Jessica Parker.
Canal Fulton, Ohio

Kudos to Mary Kaye Schilling for her informative sidebar (“X-Files for Beginners”) to Ken Tucker’s “Playing With Fire.” I’m a fan of the show and have felt frustrated and confused by the serial nature of the “mythology” episodes of the show compared with the more episodic monster-of- the-week episodes. Her brief piece did much to help me connect some of the dots in Chris Carter’s grand yet often not fully realized vision.
Los Angeles

After reading your cover story on The X-Files I thought that David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson came across as indifferent, almost disdainful of the series. While I respect their desires to do different work, I think they should be a little more grateful toward a show that brought them international acclaim.
Grand Rapids, Mich.


Good calls on your damage assessment of the players in the American Psycho fiasco (“Psycho Drama,” News & Notes). However, you do your magazine and Christian Bale an injustice by forgetting to mention that he was the biggest star on the Internet (#348, Oct. 11, 1996). I hope EW takes a closer, harder look at this.


Thanks, Dan Snierson and EW, for the beautiful and reverential tribute to the late Phil Hartman (“Man of a Thousand Voices”). Snierson perfectly captured the feelings of fans like me who felt the wind knocked out of them by the utter unexpectedness of this tragedy. Andy Dick said it best: “This is not the way he deserved to die.”
Hurley, Wis.


Your article on Master P (“Gangsta’s Paradise”) was exceptional. Respect to Tom Sinclair for pointing to some of the reasons why Master P’s lyrics are so bold: They are spoken by someone who professes to be nothing more than a guy who can put his life experiences into music and film. And he does it quite well. Bravo. Thanks for keeping it real.
Santa Clara, Calif.


David Browne’s review (“Johnny Guitar”) of John Fogerty’s new album, Premonition—and the passing of the guitar solo—made my blood boil. I still get goose bumps when I hear a great guitar solo. Why don’t one-hit-wonder alt-rock mopers play solos? They can’t. Guitar playing requires technical skill, and most of these groups can’t even tune their guitars, let alone play them. The guitar solo isn’t dead, there’s simply a lack of musicians who can do it respectably.
Canton, Ohio

CORRECTION: We misspelled photographer Matthew Rolston’s name (TV).