Imagining Hollywood in the midst of the 2000 mania

Hollywood loves the Millennium Bug: There are at least two films in development about the Year 2000 problem, which could wreak global havoc by setting computers back to the year 1900. Cash in while you can, Tinseltown: Come Jan. 1, 2000, the entertainment universe could plunge into chaos. Just imagine:

—Internet Movie Database lists 1901: A Space Odyssey. The plot: The Wright brothers battle an evil odometer.

—Leonardo DiCaprio websites disappear, as the young star has yet to be born. Confused teen girls develop a thing for heartthrob Rudolph Valentino.

—Airplanes grounded. Harrison Ford forced to star in a sequel called Trolley Force One.

—Mel Brooks Home Page features the 1,900-Year-Old Man. Several important apostle jokes lost.

—Steven Spielberg’s 1941 disappears from Blockbuster computers. No one notices.