What the country is talking about during the week of July 10, 1998

1 ARMAGEDDON As a giant asteroid heads straight for Earth, oil drillers try to blow it up with a huge bomb—a print of Godzilla.

2 JURASSIC PARK III It’s in the planning stages. Once they decide what the toys will look like, they’ll start on the script.

3 GEORGE CLOONEY He’ll be leaving ER at the end of next season. He’s sick of paying malacting insurance.

4 60 MINUTES II CBS may clone its hit newsmagazine. The hard part will be finding five more reporters over 85.

5 GONE WITH THE WIND They spared no expense restoring the 1939 classic. Of course, it now stars Kate Winslet and Leonardo DiCaprio.

6 DEMI AND BRUCE Their breakup isn’t a big surprise. It must be really hard to juggle millions of dollars, several homes, and two cushy jobs.

7 CHIPS ’99 After a 15-year break, Erik Estrada returns as Ponch for a made-for-TV movie. Except now, he’s called Paunch.

8 BOBBY BROWN The soul star had another brush with the law. With all his problems, he should switch to country music.

9 LANCASTER VICE Two Amish men were charged with distributing cocaine. First Extreme Barn Raising, now this.

10 CULTURE CLUB REUNION Boy George and the band are back together. It’s called the Who Cares? tour.

11 KATIE COURIC NBC will reportedly pay her $7 million a year to stay with the Today show. But if she works over 10 hours a week, there’s no overtime.

12 BILL GATES He tops Forbes‘ list of the “working rich.” Most other CEOs appear on their “nonworking rich” list.

13 DR. SPOCK The late baby expert said tots should be total vegetarians by their second birthday. And wear Birkenstocks by the time they’re 3.

14 RICK SCHRODER The former child star will replace Jimmy Smits on NYPD Blue. He wanted the part so much he took remedial swearing.

15 NEW MOMS In Georgia, they’ll get a classical-music CD to make their babies smarter. It replaces the Dueling Banjos CD they used to get.