"Dr. Dolittle"'s pet premiere

Look who’s watching. On June 23 it was reigning cats and dogs at a special ”pet premiere” of Dr. Dolittle. While human star Eddie Murphy was a no-show, several of the movie’s critters (Sam the dog and Crystal the monkey) gathered—along with hundreds of local canines, felines, and even bovines—in Manhattan’s Riverside Park to view the remake of the 1967 musical. We couldn’t talk to the animals, but here’s some of what we saw:

—Before noshing at the dog-biscuit buffet, parched pooches bellied up to the open bar: a bunch of water bowls arranged on the grass. Portable potties—plastic fire hydrants—were available for those who overindulged.

Late Show With David Letterman staffers perused the crowd for Stupid Pet Trick hopefuls. One discovery: a parrot who squawked “You Are My Sunshine.”

—Most exotic guest: a llama, who no doubt was disappointed to discover the good Dr. doesn’t feature a Push-Me-Pull-You.

—Clairvoyant Alice Woo offered her psychic pet predictions.

—As the film began, Twentieth Century Fox’s signature trumpet set off a cacophony of barking among the canine attendees, who were otherwise subdued throughout the movie.

—Cleanup was a snap. “People picked up their own dogs’ poo,” explained a Fox spokeswoman. “It’s the law.”

Dr. Dolittle
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  • 85 minutes