Brad Pitt may star in the new Tim Burton film

Hollywood is losing its head over the upcoming Tim Burton movie “Sleepy Hollow,” a retelling of Washington Irving’s 19th-century ghost story about Ichabod Crane1s run-in with the headless horseman. Burton and producer Scott Rudin (as reported in Entertainment Weekly magazine) have apparently been in hot pursuit of Brad Pitt, Liam Neeson, and Daniel Day-Lewis to play the terrified schoolteacher. “They all have the ability to do the creepy thing,” says a source close to the production.

While Pitt’s agency says he’s been offered the part, reps for the others are keeping mum. Whoever gets the role will have to be, as screenwriter Andrew Kevin Walker (“Seven”) puts it, “the ultimate wimp/hero. Brainy and physically delicate, with more in common with Rowan Atkinson than with Mr. Stallone or Mr. Schwarzenegger.” The movie will be a vast departure from Irving’s story, adds Walker, who says it will essentially pick up where the classic leaves off and will be heavy on the gore and ghastliness. “If the Irving story is G-rated, the script is written as hard R.” Shooting is scheduled to start this fall, when foliage is at its peak.

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