"Dr. Dolittle"'s director talks back to critics who hated the movie's butt jokes

”Dr. Dolittle” enters its second weekend as box office champ (at least until ”Armageddon”’s astronomical opening numbers are in), and director Betty Thomas continues to have the last laugh on critics who DIDN’T chuckle at the movie’s bathroom humor. Kids apparently love such scenes as a schoolboy Dr. Dolittle smelling his principal’s rear end and a dog (voiced by Norm Macdonald) narrating his…uh…”ingestion” of a rectal thermometer. But critics like Gene Siskel don’t think the low-brow jokes are appropriate. ”Although it was rated PG-13,” he said on Siskel & Ebert, ”I was stunned by the amount of anal humor.”

Thomas tells EW Online that she doesn’t understand the critical rebukes: ”I tried to make a good movie with a very light touch, a lot of good laughs, a couple of butt jokes — and oh my God! We got NO stars from one critic. I thought, ‘He’s trying to erase us off the face of the earth!’ ”

So far, audiences are ignoring the naysaying critical rear guard, and some holiday movie fans may even prefer gluteal glee to meteor mayhem. ”I’m counting on some people not wanting to see ‘Armageddon’ because it has violence,” she says. ”With ‘Dolittle,’ you can take your 8-year-old, you can take your grandmother, you can take your gang-member friend. You’re going to have a good time, and if you can stand a couple butt jokes you’re going to do just fine.”

Dr. Dolittle
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