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Star Wars Scrapbook: The Essential Collection

After Star Wars hit big, Francis Ford Coppola told George Lucas he should start a new religion based on the Force. Of course, that never happened?or did it? Behold the all-consuming brand of secular worship that flows through this immaculately produced keepsake album. Bound with a metal spiral like your old grade-school notebooks, it lavishes exquisite care in reproducing the silliest of ephemeral memorabilia: tickets to the ?premiere? of the Disneyland Star Tours ride, a Wall?s ice cream wrapper stamped with Darth Vader?s puss (?contains: sugar,? says the ironic ingredients list), a paper-cutout C-3PO mask, and so on. It?s charming but creepy, and if Jedi Knights existed, they?d probably rank it alongside winking-Jesus 3-D postcards in the annals of misguided relics of adoration.

Star Wars Scrapbook: The Essential Collection
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