Prodigy rocks the house

Reports of Prodigy’s death are greatly exaggerated. At least that was the sentiment of the crowd at Manhattan’s Hammerstein Ballroom Monday night, where the outrageous Brit techno ensemble whipped thousands of T-shirted fans into a roiling mass that moshed, punched its fists at the ceiling, and chanted such favorite lyrics as “smack my b—- up,” “that’s some funky s—,” and “suck the venom out.” Bountiful smoke machines and banks of searing red, yellow, blue, and white lights turned the hall into a dizzying vision of some thunderous, strobe-lit netherworld.

Rumors of Prodigy’s breakup have been around for months. But before the show, which marked the one-year anniversary of the band’s multi-platinum album, “Fat of the Land,” a publicist insisted that the guys are getting along (and selling lots of CDs). It’s unlikely, then, that they’ll split any time soon. There’s even talk of a new single and a European tour, though no dates have been set. Said one euphoric but skeptical fan: “I paid a scalper $75 for my ticket — who knows if I’ll ever get to see Prodigy again?”