Who'll star in the unauthorized movie about Michael Jordan

Thousands of Chicagoans will try to be exactly like Mike today: The Fox Family Channel is holding tryouts for the lead in their upcoming unauthorized TV movie, “Michael Jordan: The Untold Story of an American Hero.” Producers of the film expect thousands to turn out for the casting call, which seeks three actors to portray Jordan as a 9-year-old, as a young adult, and as his current all-star self. The talent search will then move on to New York, Los Angeles, and Philadelphia.

The right actor must have certain qualifications. “First of all, we’ve got to find someone who is black,” jokes Lance Robbins, president of motion pictures and television for Saban Entertainment, which produces Fox Family’s shows. “You would not believe how many white guys want to play Michael Jordan.” Beyond that, Robbins is looking for someone “charismatic, tall, and good-looking.” And what about basketball skills? “With the magic of television you can make anyone look like a pro,” says Robbins. “But it would be nice if the guy can at least dribble.”