At the new film's premiere, guests were transported by a way-out setting full of stars.

Lip lock or no lip lock? Whether or not Mulder and Scully smooch was the big question on the minds of celebs going into the June 11 premiere of the X-Files movie. The answer? Well, the truth won’t be revealed here. Let’s just say that one close encounter between the agents did get the audience stirred up—even though the crowd was made up of both X fans and novices. “I was nervous,” said director Rob Bowman. “[It’s] a very specific style of storytelling. But they laughed at all the right places. Now I just want to get a drink and relax for the first time in three years.”

Which was easier said than done at the post-screening party, held at Hangar 8 in the Santa Monica Municipal Airport. With a laser-light show, deafening techno music, walls resembling snowy Antarctica, and slinky silver-clad dancers who’d make Austin Powers schwing, the X fete left partyers—including Gillian Anderson, David Duchovny, Martin Landau, Scott Wolf, Jennifer Tilly, and Garry Shandling—wondering if they’d been abducted. “This party’s just like the show,” said Melissa Etheridge. “You come in wondering what’s going to happen, and you leave going ‘Wait, what just happened?'” X creator Chris Carter filed the evening under “a great night,” but didn’t talk sequel. “I don’t like the word sequel,” he said. “I prefer ‘the next in a series.'”

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