The men behind A&E, E! and VHI behind the scenes biographies

A&E Biography‘s Michael Cascio, The E! True Hollywood Story‘s Jeffrey Shore, and VH1 Behind the Music‘s Jeffrey Gaspin Titles/Ages Executive producers; 47, 39, 37 Why them? No famous or infamous personality is safe from these master tellers of the tape, who trawl for baby pictures (A&E), dig into video archives (VH1), and stage reenactments (E!) across the broad spectrum of celebrity. This is your life? You should be so lucky. High points For VH1’s Gaspin, it was “bringing Milli Vanilli back into the spotlight.” E!’s Shore points to the tragic tale of Karen Carpenter: “A woman who had wealth and power and fame and yet starved herself over the course of seven years, which in essence was more interesting than retelling her career as a singer.” A&E’s Cascio fondly recalls the surprise ratings success of Oscar Levant, whom he considers “relatively obscure…I really felt an emotional connection with this weird, neurotic little man.” Work habits “I love reading biographies,” says Cascio. “Under my bed is a stack of half-read books. Ideas come to me in the shower. I have an M&M’s dispenser in my office, or jelly beans if they’re in season. I like people to come in and out.” Shore is “a person who wants complete quiet. Hibernation.” He takes breaks to play basketball. Gaspin has “bottled water stacked up high. I have an incredibly messy desk, and I throw things in drawers because I don’t like to put things in order.” Dream projects Cascio would like to do a documentary on ”the great New York City blackouts—the contrast between 1965 and 1977.” Shore wants Ronald Reagan. Gaspin “would love to do Queen…and I was watching all these segments on Viagra, and suddenly it hit me: Viagra-phy!” Next? In August, A&E profiles Steven Spielberg; E!’s lined up Gary Busey, Johnny Cash, and Heidi Fleiss; VH1 does Madonna.